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Castrid in 1x19 “Modus Vivendi”

I could like them being friends. I certainly do not want want them fighting over a guy. 


Astrid Finch in 1x19 “Modus Vivendi”


[1] OTP: Samcedes

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Felix hiding behind doors - Season 1 and 2 parallels 

Hidden Fees.

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carolinagirl919 replied to your post: “Yay my degree came in the mail today. I know it seems silly but now…”:
Woo hoo Shay!! It’s time to par-tay! Heyyyyyyyyyy!!! *happy dance*

Thanks CG:)

Yay my degree came in the mail today. I know it seems silly but now that I have the degree it feels more “official”. I still haven’t decided if I want to go to grad school or take the PM course and get certified or maybe do both. I have so much loans to pay back though. 

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I don’t care if Wyallie is romantic or platonic, I just know that Wyatt is good for Callie dating or not. 

I genuinely like Wyatt. He’s not perfect, but he’s miles and miles above Brandon (not that this isn’t an easy thing to be) and he really cares about her. I ship them, but if nothing else, they are really great friends and Wyatt is a good force in Callie’s life. 

Yes this. I would much rather watch Wyatt/Callie scenes than any Callie/Brandon scenes. I was hoping Brandon could go to college early but that’s not going to happen now. Not looking forward to next season and Brandon’s hand injury story and I’m sure he’ll move back home and ugh. 

John Diggle [2.19]

 Fave character.





can we talk about how this fucking pbs show aimed at little kids easily talked about how anxiety is stressful but normal

Ok no but can we talk about this entire episode? 

It was called April 9th, and it was actually a response to the 9/11 attacks. It didn’t talk about the attacks themselves, but rather focused on teaching kids to deal with the all of the emotions that they might be feeling as a result. They set up a situation that might evoke similar emotions in children: a massive fire at the school.

Arthur’s dad was in the fire, so (as you can see above), Arthur is constantly worried about his dad’s safety.

Sue Ellen is grieving because her journal, which contained a huge amount of precious memories, was destroyed in the fire. Muffy is confused why she can’t just cheer Sue Ellen up by giving her a new journal.

Buster wasn’t at school that day, and feels confused and guilty that he isn’t sad about the fire like the other kids. He then befriends the school janitor, who has to retire due to an injury that, at his age, is pretty serious.

Binky actually saw the flames, and is constantly traumatized by the event. He doesn’t tell anyone because he feels like he would lose his tough-guy reputation if he admitted that he was scared.

The episode teaches kids that all of these emotions are perfectly normal and natural, that there’s not one right way to feel, and that even if it takes a while, things are going to be okay.

The thing that makes this show so great, in my opinion, is that it knows that kids are intellegent and strong enough to deal with these things if you present them in the right way. It doesn’t hide them, it doesn’t sugar coat them, it just presents them in a way that children can understand and shows them how to deal with them.




If you’ve never sat down and listen to the Instrumental of He Lives in You from Lion King 2 you are missing out on life man

it’s flawless

It is flawless and this song is underrated and I am gonna download it and put it on repeat. Like, this song is beyond perfect. I can’t.


Make You Feel My Love - Adele

"Chris and I have been in a lot of dark places together, and the thing I love about Chris, we met over some ‘apple juice’ and it was like one of those experiences where there’s a dude you meet and you’re like ‘Man, you’re a cool dude.’ Then a whole bottle of ‘apple juice’ later you’re like ‘Man, we’re friends.’ Just a dark, dark place."- Anthony Mackie.

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Captain America: the Winter Soldier - The Falcon [x]