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Suicide Squad deleted scene (x)

why was this deleted? This Should Had Been in the episode. These two my god

The episode seemed as if Oliver didn’t even know Dig left town let alone what he had been doing. This scene should have been in episode for real. 

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greendale seven appreciation week(s): day seven
free choice: pop culture references

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Sam Wilson is not a prop. He does not exist solely to play caretaker, nursemaid, healer, or therapist for your fave white characters. He has wants, needs, desires, interests, and feelings that don’t revolve around your fave white character. He should have equal weight in the narrative and not hover around in the background waiting to be useful. Stop writing him that way.


Also, let me add that Rhodey Rhodes EXISTS. He is a loyal, kind and caring friend, who is both strong and intelligent. (He graduated from MIT and he out ranks Steve)

Nick Fury is NOT some one-dimensional monster whose only purpose is to scream at people. He is a capable leader, and a crafty strategist).

Mike Peterson is MORE than Deathlok. He is a father who fights for his son. He’s not some big scary asshole you can dehumanize.

Antoine Triplett is a ray of sunshine who not only worked to uphold his family’s legacy, he also surpassed it.

Heimdal is more badass than anyone gives him credit for.

These men are more than props for your white on white slash fiction. They also don’t deserve to be vilified just to make your white favorites look better.

Yes to all of this.





I had to remind myself that there actually was a time that Nick played quality shows


I showed Ghulla Ghulla island to my niece for the first time and she loved it! I wish it was still on today.

Save Your Computer



I have the worst luck. I’ve broken five computers and four laptops but I’ve finally learnt my lesson. After losing my work so many times, I have been great at rewriting because I’d never backed anything up.

Take it from me:

  • Even if you backup your work in one external source from your computer, back it up online or in as many places as you can
  • Back up according to how much valuable work you have so if you save work/programs frequently, back up once every week
  • If you have a Windows computer, go onto Control Panel and search “back up”. Click on the first link and follow through from there
  • Do not wait until it’s too late

I may add more information on if I can think of any, but here are some useful links on some other ways to back up your computer:

Windows help to backing up files

How to Back Up a Computer (among other devices)

How to Back up Data

The absurdly simple guide to backing up your PC

Three Best Ways to Back Up Your Files

6 cheap ways to back up your files

8 Ways to Back up Your Computer Files

How to back up your data

Done a Computer Backup Lately?

Google Drive is a great resource to use for backing things up.


Another thing I would like to address is the mistreatment of John Diggle, not that he was put on the side for photo balance, but how the vast majority of this fandom has done a shit job standing up for his character (including myself.) David Ramsey is probably the best actor on this show but his character is routinely “poisoned”, shot, and injured every damn episode for some white hero to save the day.

Someone explain to me why Roy Harper, Thea Queen, and Laurel Lance are probably going to “suit up” long before Diggle will ever get to? I am a fan of two of those white women, but why the hell are all these white people becoming super skilled vigilantes sooner than a veteran? I don’t doubt John Diggle will get to be a suited hero at some point, but that’ll probably only happen when Season 9 of Arrow comes out in digital comic form with shitty art and shitty writing. 

I personally don’t want Laurel and Thea’s journey to be anymore delayed, but they better suit up John Diggle fast because I’m sick of seeing the best actor on Arrow being mistreated like that. This dude should not be losing out to Colton H*ynes when it comes to content, what the hell is wrong with these writers? Y’all, most of us struggle to even remember Roy Harper exist, but John Diggle has to lose to him? Why?

Can we all agree to stick up for John Diggle actually getting storylines?

Yes to this. Dig will probably get written out before he gets his costume. It’s too bad that the spin off can’t happen. For as much as there is talk that he’s going to have things to do, I bet he’ll do a lot of just standing around and not much else.




JFC with this original Arrow team bullshit going on in the Arrow tag.

I haven’t been in the tags, but the tumblr/online oliciters are throwing hissy fits on FB as well, claiming that Diggle has been SO slighted and mistreated just because he isn’t next to Ollie. Imagine the…

It is beyond ridiculous if they don’t see the placement is meant to be about the male to female ratio on the poster. That is like saying “Why is Lois Lane in a poster with the rest of the Justice League during s10 of Smallville. JFC at this fandom. How is that the worst part about the poster when it is photoshopped to hell and is missing Willa, Paul and Barrowman? RME.

IKR of all the things to complain about.